Bard Destiny

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Bard Destiny

Post  Casian on 17/06/12, 12:18 pm

Song of Patience (Endurance)
-Increases Defense and Protection, Increases the recovery rate of MP and SP.

Basically, it's transformation of Barry's Magic Score - Hard Shell. but removes HP, and they don't recover HP and MP instantly but increases the rate of them recover.

Can receive a quest to gain this skill at Playing Instrument Rank is F or above.

Duration: 20 seconds

Requires 154 AP and gives 20 SP for stats bonus for ranking to 1.

Prelude (Prologue) of Battle Ground
-Increases Minimum/Maximum Damage and Critical rate.

it's mixture of 'Song of Fist' and 'Big Things come in Small Package'. But it does not makes character small. T^T (my favorite function!! noooo!!! sjkdflsf)

Can obtain through quest receiving at Playing Instrument Rank is D or above.

Duration: 30 seconds

Requires 130 AP and gives 24 SP for stats bonus for ranking to 1.

-Increases speed of Attack rate, Magic cast rate, and Alchemist cast rate.

it's transformation of 'Hint of Magic', but it removed MP recover.

need to have Instrument Playing rank 4 or above to receive quest to learn this skill.

Duration: 30 seconds

Requires 180 AP and gives 20 MP for stats bonus for ranking to 1.

-Increases speed of movement (not only characters, but pets too)

can obtain when Playing Instrument is Rank 1

Duration: 120 seconds

Requires 155 AP and gives 22 dexterity for ranking to 1

Song of Abundance
-Increases success rate of Life skills, gathering speed and gathering success rate. Gathering speed is increasing by number of players in same party.

can obtain when Playing Instrument is Rank A or above.

Duration: 120 seconds

Requires 154 AP and gives 22 Luck for ranking to 1

Lullaby (nersery song)
-makes monster to put in sleep

can obatin when Playing Instrument is Rank F or above.
it's mutation of 'The Great Desert Giant'. It puts monster in sleep, but will be awake when they get hit even once. Sleeping monster will get additional damage from getting hit.

Duration: ?Unknown

Requires 152 Ap and gives 22 SP for ranking to 1

Melody Shock
-This is only Attack skill.

In system of Rock-Scissor-Paper Battle system in Mabinogi, this is consider as Smash type. (which means beats Defense, but weak against Counter. but haven't tested it)
It has slightly longer range than Smash/normal attack.
It does Splash in shape of fan shape.

can obtain at Playing Instrument rank F or above.

Requires 120 AP and gives 22 STR and 22 SP for ranking to 1

And they unlocked the Composing skill, and Musical Knowledge skill. (can rank to 1).


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