Lorraine's Nightmare Event

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Lorraine's Nightmare Event

Post  Casian on 23/08/12, 12:44 pm

Lorraine's Nightmare Event

Halloween is months away, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a spooky event right now! Enter the nightmares of Lorraine and fight for your life in the Zombie Event. Party up and pick your class then use your allowance of gold to buy the perfect skills and equipment for the job. Be sure to invest the gold you earn after each round to become the ultimate zombie slayer! After the zombie rampage has cleared, you’ll discover Lorraine's Dream Gift Box. Check out the frighteningly awesome prizes you can get:

Sparkling Star Umbrella
Panda Umbrella
Broken Umbrella
Imp Sky War Sword
Purple Falcata
Reading Chair
Living Room Chair
School Chair
Champion Knuckle
Bracer Knuckle

What are you waiting for? Jump online now and banish zombies until September 6, 2012!

Following guides are translated from Korea server.(and I added my thoughts) Original writers are Sakraki, happying, E.S.T, and Darksymbol.

First, gather 6 people. You can start with 4 people, but will be more difficult.

There are 3 types of Classes you have to pick in there, and 2 person can be each of type.

Warrior/Fighter, Mage/Bard, Alchemist/Ranger

After choosing your classes, you can buy skills, stats, pots and expendable items with golds you have in your inventory. And as you participate in event, your gold will increase depends on how you are doing in there. Continue to buy to improve your skills and etc.

Warriors go for Windmill and Stomp (If giant),
Mages go for Ice Spear and one other ADV magic. (Either Fireball or Thunder).
Alchemist go for Flamer and Life Drain. Life Drain is for boss.

There are 8 rounds to go through. After 3rd round, you will face Ghastly Demi Lich. After 6th round, Arch lich will spawn. and finally, After 8th, you will face Master Lich.

Zombies are coming from 2 different way, but they come to one spot when they come to middle. But sometimes, they still go separate lines, but still follows road.

That yellow circle is where they become single line.
So Alchemist(Flamers) go there and be ready.

And Mage stand behind alchemist, ready to use Ice Spear when they try to go through alchemist. (since there's casting time, this combination will require bit of team working)

For warriors, take out what Alchemists/Mages are missing.

At least 1 Alchemist, and 1 Mage should continue to defend there.

If you just lett Ghastly Demi lich and Arch lich go, you will lose 5 lives. But you won't fail mission if you have enough lives.
so if you let both Demi and Arch lich go, you will lose 10 lives in total.

But if you miss Master Lich, final boss, then mission will result as fail

At each boss, they will summon monsters. Ghastly Demi Lich summons Ghosts, I'm not sure about what Master Lich summons, but Arch lich (final boss) will summon Bombsteads.

Warrior will have to drive summoned monsters away from Lich, after that, Mages/Alchemists go kill boss.

Don't forget to do Life Drain if you are Alchemist.

If you are elf, try to survive while other members are fighting boss. Do not fight aggresively. Because when they die, they need you to revive them with avoiding ghosts/and other summoned monsters aggro-ing you. Use Hide.


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Re: Lorraine's Nightmare Event

Post  Drawing on 23/08/12, 08:10 pm

master lich spawns different colored ghasts, which are a pain in the ass to deal with here Crying or Very sad

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