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Post  Tammie on 06/12/14, 04:12 pm

Jeweldragona wrote:
How do you handle a situation when things start going awry?  Do you think about the others point of view?

What parts of the past "you" do you think are gone a left behind?  

Would you have handled your past Mabinogi self differently knowing what you know now?

Response to questions:

Life always seems to throw a lemon at us all the time; I believe that when in a dark situation, it would be best to refrain from making rash momentary decisions and take time and do your best to find a more positive outcome. Take, for example, this application: from how I see it, it's clearly been heading down the gutter; but I don't think there is a need to stress out over it. I've tried my best, and that's all there is to it. Although, I wish takk, fred, alex, kuroban, pocket (and a couple others) were still around, things may have turned out a bit differently.

What's left behind? Youth. You know, working really starts to wear you down. I'm just kind of looking for a place to hang out with friends, with a more quiet social outlook on mabi.

Heh, what would I do, now that I'm at this point? Hell, if I ran this whole thing over again, I would never AFK/stand around in Dunny, and I'd turn myself offline when I wasn't at the comp. Hanging around in the community spotlight is so very troublesome; just look at this app. My genuine intentions to join a guild have been muddied up by gossip and rumors from generalizations and misconceptions from people who have never really spoken/bonded with me. And, it seems that those relevant to the guild that did, have gone on with life or aren't speaking up.

If you want a rant on the hardships that this 'spotlight' caused me, just send me an email or something. I've started to see why all those older 'pro' (for lack of better term) have lived such an elusive fantasy life away from prying eyes. On that note, does Toshimitsu still play?

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Tammie's Application - Page 2 Empty Re: Tammie's Application

Post  Keo on 06/12/14, 05:23 pm

Tammie, your application took a majority of the guild by surprise. The encounters people have had with you vary greatly from very positive and helpful to remembering some discouraging encounters from your past. I believe the biggest thing for the members overall was trying to determine your seriousness in getting back into Mabinogi and the time you'll invest in recreating Tammie.

It is difficult to see how active you are and we understand there are layers to the circumstance as you wait for replies to tickets and concerns you, yourself have. All that put together our members decided that they haven't seen enough of the new Tammie to overlook a shadowed past and to clarify the intentions you have to be involved in the game or our guild at this time.

The decision was No, however our members did state they would like to see more of you around Mabi and maybe in the future we will see you back here again we wish you well with Tammie.

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