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Post  Kiriitoo on 22/05/15, 10:59 pm

In-Game Name:Kiriitoo

Your real name or age (Optional):Kaleb (18)

Total Level and # of rebirths. Snap shot of your rebirth information is required, please make the maximum size of the snapshot 800x600 so it will not stretch that thread:
Total Lvl: 7474
Rebirths: 74
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How active are you in game?:
I usually play actively 3-5 hours usually just dailies, training skills, and just browsing around. Other than that I usually afk behind dunb bank and wait for something to happen.

Joined any previous guilds? If yes, which one(s) and why are you looking for another guild? (You must list all your previous guild(s) - we will conduct a thorough research. If you're in another guild at the moment. Please state what's your current guild on your application:
I've been in 3 guilds if I can recall.

1st: Kuzuri
2nd: Horizons
3rd: Discipline

Currently Back in Horizons

Why Dreams?:
I want to apply to dreams because I have dreams of getting stronger. Being surrounded by others who have made such achievements is like having teachers around. I feel as if I could learn more and go higher in mabi and trying to accomplish what I want by having those who have already gone through it and learn from them.

Who have referred you? The person who referred you must post in your application as recommendation (you need at least 2 referals):
Sadly this will probably get me auto rejected since I don't think I have ever talked to anyone from dreams but it wouldn't hurt to try.

How long have you been playing?:
I started playing when Hamlet first came out til now. I started the game playing as a giant known as Rakirano(Don't be shy if you've seen me on dragonnest Very Happy but still barely talk there heheh)

What kind of skills/accomplishment do you have?:
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I would like to say that GM fighter was my greatest accomplishment since I like martial arts in game and irl. Although my ninja and gunner aren't master yet I'd say those are my accomplishments since they are my main ways of running dungeons.

Any other information you would like for us to know:
I don't really know what to say but feel free to ask me anything.

*sidenote: I was not the original owner of Kiriitoo but I was given it by my high school friend who wanted me to play human. I received the character at lvl 542 (500's i know that atleast) so I call it mine because I've put in more progress into him than the previous owner. (no offense mota xD)

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Kiriitoo's Application Empty Re: Kiriitoo's Application

Post  Keo on 23/05/15, 05:16 am

Thank you for your interest in Dreams however you were right to assume that this would be auto denied due to the fact that you have no referrals.

While brave to post an app without a referral it also shows lack of motivation- as in your own words you stated you may not have even ever talked to anyone in Dreams. How would you decide then that this is a guild you want to be in without knowing what the members are like or if you share any interests with the people in this guild.

This will count as a first application- I would encourage you to get to know the members of Dreams before considering reapplying in the future. Have a good day.

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