Field Boss Guides - Desert / Prairie Dragon

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Field Boss Guides - Desert / Prairie Dragon

Post  Littlesnowie on 26/05/15, 08:33 pm

--My apologies if the quality of this video is kinda bad--
---Actually, it's REALLY bad, I'll have to fix that later---

Now you might be thinking "Doesn't everyone already know how to deal with these?!" - Well, that's what I thought too, yet it seems a lot of people just chase this thing recklessly losing experience/blessings/Nao Stones because of how often they're getting themselves killed, often not even being able to kill the dragon because they waste so much time chasing it.

Anyway, here's the breakdown:

The Prairie and Desert Dragons are the same when it comes to using this method, you basically remain in one spot to attack it, just out of its Stampede's reach.

Let it dash towards you and attack it with anything that wouldn't make a noticeable change in a monster's AI, especially Windmill, avoid using that skill*.

Most acceptable forms of attack include, but are not limited to, normal attacks with any weapon, Bash, Smash, Final Hit, bolt magic (including fusion bolt), Meteor Stike, Lightning Rod, Magnum Shot, Arrow Revolver, etc.

Skills you'd better avoid: Windmill*, Flame Burst, Act 6: Crisis, Shadow Cloak, or anything else that tends to mess severely with Aggro/AI mechanics.

When the Dragon dashes away from you, do not chase it, simply take a step back and wait for it to dash back to you, after which you can simply continue to attack until it dashes away from you again, repeat as necessary.

*It is possible to use Windmill right after he begins to dash away, but it is best to avoid this unless you really know how to perform this.

Something to look out for: If the Dragon ends up killing a nearby monster, for example a Mustang or an Ostrich, its AI might get reset as well, and this can get you in trouble, so prepared for the worst if that happens.

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Re: Field Boss Guides - Desert / Prairie Dragon

Post  cassa on 26/05/15, 09:24 pm

Very insightful! While I knew about this I didn't actually learn it until I observed a few other people doing the raid and was encouraged to join in. Hopefully this can encourage people to do the raid and help with preventing hurt feelings in the long run ^^!

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