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Post  Cobalt on 30/01/16, 12:15 am

In-Game Name: Cobalt7

Your real name or age (Optional): David, 22

Total Level and # of rebirths. Snap shot of your rebirth information is required, please make the maximum size of the snapshot 800x600 so it will not stretch that thread:

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How active are you in game?: I play actively throughout the week as I currently have a lot of free time.

Joined any previous guilds? If yes, which one(s) and why are you looking for another guild (You must list all your previous guild(s) - we will conduct a thorough research. If you're in another guild at the moment. Please state what's your current guild on your application:

BigBang - My first guild on Mabi when I played my previous character (Jose127). This lasted about 2 weeks because the guild was pretty much already dead when I joined.

SpiritedAway - I helped a friend I had recently met at the time make this guild and joined solely because I got to be officer, it was very short-lived and died after about a month.

Serieux - The first serious guild I joined if my memory serves me right; I stayed in this guild for a few months and met many great people including Mike(Angelea) along with various others which ended up quitting long ago.

Dreams - I joined Dreams after meeting Anzx and Vapidity, we did a few runs together during the ciar days and I applied to the guild after seeing how close-knit and fun they were to be around. I stayed in Dreams for around 2-3 years and had a ton of memorable moments which I'll probably never forget. I met a lot of great people who I'm grateful to have met and some of which I still talk to today. I ended up leaving right around the time takk and other senior members quit to join a side guild made by Azurai and the original Cobalt for guild battle.

Assailant - Founded by Azurai and Cobalt specifically for guild battle. This guild lasted a couple of months but with the upcoming release of Dragon Nest it came to an end after their departure and I was left alone with a choice to return to Dreams or move on.

Prestigious - Founded by my then close friends Kariie and Litokawaisky for the sole purpose of guild battle. This guild was fun while it lasted and I met a bunch of amazing people that I still associate with today. It was around this time when my main account was banned due to pake involvement.

Bliss - I joined this guild shortly after being given the character Kariie due to the fact that I was lacking an account at the time and the owner was on a hiatus. I spent two or three months in Bliss and had a great time in it. I'd say it reminded me of a second Dreams in the sense that they were very close knit and willing to help when needed.

Platinum/Triumph/Occult - These guilds were made for fun by Sabby(close friend) and I simply because of the fact that we wanted a guild chat to use and didn't want to join any other guild. We did have a couple of our close friends in them from time to time but for the most part we just wanted a guild name above our heads. At one point we did use Triumph as a GB guild.

Sanrio - After returning from a long break I made a guild with Sabby that consisted of close friends and it lasted a few months before I stopped playing actively.

Why Dreams?: I left Dreams the first time without acknowledging how great it was and how much I would miss the people and the overall atmosphere fast forward 4 years and Dreams is still going strong and close-knit and no other guild has been what this guild is and I feel like I'm ready to be part of this whole thing again.

Who have referred you? The person who referred you must post in your application as recommendation (you need at least 2 referrals): Keomio

How long have you been playing?: I've been playing since late 2008 and have gone through various different accounts.

What kind of skills/accomplishment do you have?: I currently have 8 master talents in - Warrior,  Archer, Knight, Carpenter, Puppeteer, Fighter, Gunslinger, and Ninja. I am considering ranking ninja and mage to master talents and also in the process of updating my gear.

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Any other information you would like for us to know: With the release of Blade and Soul I tend to semi-afk here and there but I'm always around when help is needed.

*I apologize for the wall of text ;_;

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Cobalt's Application Empty Re: Cobalt's Application

Post  Keo on 30/01/16, 05:45 pm

As of 2012 we have allowed old members to have a one time return to Dreams without applying/referrals. Though I have no problem vouching for you David- we been through a lot, it's nice to be back in touch and I hope that you can come to feel the comfort of a guild/family with us again. Welcome home.

Application- Accepted.

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