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Post  Lnconvenient on 19/05/17, 10:11 am

In-Game Name: Darknic2 / Lnconvenient (new main is lnconvenient, might go back to darknic2, who knows)

Your real name or age (Optional): Johnny

Total Level and # of rebirths. Snap shot of your rebirth information is required, please make the maximum size of the snapshot 800x600 so it will not stretch that thread: (sent to nekokeo on discord)

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How active are you in game?: I'm on everyday.

Why Dreams? Recently i've been looking for a new guild as my current guild is dying quite quickly and isn't helping me level, doing runs or anything in general. However, in dreams I see many high level people (Dreamnitesky, Gilbert, Nekokeo)
run shadow missions and absolutly dominate everything. One day I want to be as strong as them, I strive oh so hard to be strong. I train every day to try and try to be stronger but a good guild will push me even harder.

Have you been referred? If so by who?
Im good friends with Dreamnitesky, we do runs together and he helps me out with prices and just tells me when i've been stupid with prices. Lmao( no offense to me )

How long have you been playing?: I've been playing for around 7 years now however I didn't start off on NA. I actually live in the UK. When the Europien version of Mabi was out, I played about 2 years of it till it had been shut down. Ever since then I have been on mabi, on and off for around 5 years. This time I hope to be back for a long amount of time.

What kind of skills/accomplishment do you have?:
I am proud of making 2m into 50m ( lead by Dreamnitesky )
I am proud of working hard for my skills
I am proud of how much i've worked these few weeks to make my character strong
( Lnconvenient)

Any other information you would like for us to know: Just to let you know my name starts with an L so if you try and add me, thats why.


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Lnconvenient's Application Empty Re: Lnconvenient's Application

Post  Keo on 19/05/17, 10:22 am

Accepted ^^, Dream is a good guy and I trust that a friend of his can be a friend of the guild, we look forward to having you. Please apply at the guildstone at the southwest corner outside dunbarton walls.

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