Trade Partner in Corea server

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Trade Partner in Corea server

Post  Casian on 08/05/12, 03:08 pm

so as everyone expected, they released Trade Partner, a pet that can be summoned while commerce.

1. Partner must be summoned before starting Trade
2. It allows you to carry goods for an extra inventory slot, and +100 weight.
3. It can revive you if you are dead, but only once per real day.
4. It can be equipped like other partner pets
5. can gather/make stuffs just like other partners, but it's low efficient than them.
6. You can cancel Trade Partner while commerce, but it doesn't allow to summon one.
7. It can be created only for Human - Female type (I'm not sure if they will add other types later)
8. and Of course, Can fight bandits together when it's summoned.
9. You can let Trade Partner to mount on you, and it will increase the movement speed. (but it says it won't stack with other type of increase in movement speed)
10. List of skills
-critical hit
-bolt mastery
-magic mastery
-lightning bolt
-first aid
-play dead

Summonable Time per day : 180minutes
HP : 320 / MP : 300 / SP : 90 / STR 80 / INT 90 / DEX 50 / WILL 80 / LUK 80
Inventory slots = 6 x 10

ps. it's limited time sale in corea server.


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