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Post  aurkus on 16/06/12, 10:02 am

In-Game Name: aurkus

Your real name or age (Optional): Rafael / 21

Total Level and # of rebirths. Snap shot of your rebirth information is required, please make the maximum size of the snapshot 800x600 so it will not stretch that thread: [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

How active are you in game?: at least 2 hours per day

Joined any previous guilds? If yes, which one(s) and why are you looking for another guild? (You must list all your previous guild(s) - we will conduct a thorough research. If you're in another guild at the moment. Please state what's your current guild on your application:
lets try to remember
Soulsociety: Guild I made the first time I got premium service it got disbanned becuase my service was going to expire so Ican say i was in this guild like for 1 month.
Convenant: Guild made by one of Soulsociety members so we can still be together left cuz leader was a acting like an idiot towards some guildmates i was on this guild for like 3 months.
Soulsociety: My in game wife remade Soulsociety so I joined I was on this guild liek for 3 months after she decided to quit mabinogi
Noblesse: No words for this guild worst decision I ever made left after 1 week.
Alchemist: A friend's guild I joined to help recruit new members , I was in this guild for like 3 months since my friend got a break from mabi.
Dreams: After 2 weeks I left Alchemist I heard Dreams Had a promo offer that I only needed 1 referal to be accpeted inmediatly, by that time I knew Foxy and Land, Land had his pc broken so I asked Foxy to be my referal. I stayed in Dreams for over 2 years. Reason why i left its after DN was realesed a lot of Dreams's members left, to problem was that also no new members were going to be accepted so by that time only like 7 members were on to do sm and most of time I had to ask ppl from other guild mostly Conglomerate members to join my elite passes cuz the only time i was able to run it was at mornings or if i do it at night a lot of ppl from guild have already ran it, so after 1 month of thinking about it i left Dreams to join Conglomerate.
Conglomerate: I was on Conglomerate for 8 months, I liked the guild but recently a lot of the strong members quit and the new members are not strong enough (I cant even finish elite sulfur whit the new members) so after thinking about it i had no reason to stay in the guild.
Why Dreams?:
I liked being in Dreams actually leaving was a hard decision but I didnt like the decision of Azurai, Kuroban, etc. of letting the Guild die, so when I saw the change of leaders (Casian and Keomio) I was waiting to see how the things whit the guild went.
Now I see that Dreams its getting bigger now whit lots of good members I think Dreams its becoming the guild it used to be so now I want to be back

Who has referred you? The person who referred you must post in your application as recommendation : no referals

How long have you been playing?: since g2s2 (july 08)

What kind of skills/accomplishment do you have?:
33 r1 skills o.o mostly combat ones, basic/int/adv magic
recently working on fighting skills so far the highest one it charge strike whit r8

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Post  Casian on 16/06/12, 10:47 am

From meeting of 2012/06/15, old members are now allowed to come back instantly, no need referal.
But please don't leave Dreams again like last time.
Welcome back, aurkus. go apply at guild stone.


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