Star Rider Character Cards: To the Heavens and Beyond!

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Star Rider Character Cards: To the Heavens and Beyond!

Post  enthusiastic on 31/03/12, 12:31 am

Reaching the stars may seem like an impossible dream, but if that’s what your heart whispers to you, you must never give up. These new Star Rider Character Cards will bring you one step closer to your dream. They’re on sale for a limited time only, from March 30 to April 20.

Even if you never board a rocket ship to the stars, or zip through the universe atop a comet, or jump all the way to the moon, these star explorer outfits will at least have you looking the part

As a bonus to remind you never to give up on your dreams, purchasing a limited time Star Rider Character Card will also get you the “Soldier of Love“ in-game title. So don your new clothes and new title, sit yourself in a grassy night field, and look up to the stars. Maybe one day, your dream will really come true!

(Note on the title: the Love Solider - A symbol appears beside your name featuring a Heart. Will +7 )


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