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Post  Aizenn on 15/11/12, 02:04 pm

In-Game Name: Aizenn

Your real name or age (Optional): Ali, 16

Total Level and # of rebirths. Snap shot of your rebirth information is required, please make the maximum size of the snapshot 800x600 so it will not stretch that thread:

How active are you in game?:Pretty active, active either every other day or once every day if i'm on top of my studies/job at mcdonalds lol

Joined any previous guilds? If yes, which one(s) and why are you looking for another guild? (You must list all your previous guild(s) - we will conduct a thorough research. If you're in another guild at the moment. Please state what's your current guild on your application: I have been guild less for 2 weeks, and I have been in Gambit, Roofies(big mistake joining this one, so no point in counting lol), and I believe wings when I FIRST started the game for like a week because my friend irl is in it and he's pretty high leveled.

Why Dreams?: Seems like a classic and admirable guild, and the members are astonishing. Gonna try to use them to amount to higher levels since my level is pretty low.

Who have referred you? The person who referred you must post in your application as recommendation (you need at least 2 referals): I currently have no referrals. I'm just trying to join the guild because it seems like a actual guild.

How long have you been playing?: About 6 months. I'm fairly new to mabi, since I used to play on and off a lot. But now i'm pretty active.

What kind of skills/accomplishment do you have?:Well, I have gotten my smash to do 7000+ and 9000+ in trans. Not much of a accomplishment, but I do hope to amount to higher levels. Which is why I wish to join dreams, since everyone in the guild seem incredible. I want to use them as a drive to get stronger in mabinogi, until I'm on top xD. (Probably never gonna happen lol Razz)

Any other information you would like for us to know: Well, I don't talk a lot in guild chat, since I'm usually minding my own business. However, if a guild member needs help with anything, i'll always drop what i'm doing and go to their aid. I'm usually grinding for money since i'm always poor in game.


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Aizenn application Empty Re: Aizenn application

Post  Keo on 15/11/12, 02:12 pm

Aizenn thank you for taking the time to fill an application however, You didn't include a post of your total level or a picture for it and you do not meet the requirement to have a referral which is mandatory for all applications to be considered at this time.

Unfortunately I will have to close this application and you may not re-apply for 30 days however before you do please reconsider your total level and find a referral as, if you choose to reapply without it, it will be considered your second attempt.

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