Synthesis Guide - Credit to Mabination

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Synthesis Guide - Credit to Mabination

Post  Crazymofo on 31/03/12, 12:56 am

I didnt write this guide but i used it to get to r6 back when Synthesis was capped, i am now currently r1 Synthesis and this did help me alot. So here goes.

How to rank Synthesis Skill

Synthesis Guide
by Trilateral of Kugnae

Keep in mind my estimates maybe off depending on your luck, you may end up with left-over’s or need more, my estimates are based off of if you hit the odds exactly as they're stated (rounded down). (with 0 alchemy mastery)

It is a good idea to rank alchemy mastery, it adds a significant boost to your synth rate and saves you money and frustration.

This isn't going to be free, expect to spend a few million if you want this done in a reasonable time frame, of course you can do it cheaper if your willing to spend much more time.

Saturday is bonus to all alchemy, if the materials are pricey or hard to come by and your money is more important than your time, do it on Saturday.

When you learn fragmentation, keep the book. Synth recipes are in the back of it, alternatively you can just keep the wiki open all the time.

If you know any holy water sellers, place an order for 45 stacks, you'll need them for rank B and this will give them time to get most of them.

Acquiring skill

Talk to Dorren about skills after you've already learned fragmentation and are over level 30.

Rank Novice

Talk to Eabha (the apprentice alchemy npc next to the ovens) and open the shop, purchase 1 stack of 50 of any 3 types of crystals, divide out one of each and put into the ovens menu, synthesize, repeat until success. Rank it

Rank F

Use the previous method of using one of each type and synthesize until you're out of crystals, buy more, repeat until you can rank.

Rank E

Use previous method once again.

Rank D

Two options, use the above method until you can rank (will need to complete both the regular synth successes and fails entirely). I recommend making ice mines to cover all the points for faster rank.

If you make mines, you'll have to attempt ~155 mines = ~775 unknown ores and clay crystals and 155 ice spear crystals

Rank C

Make mandrakes, you'll need approximately 24 stacks of bloody and base herbs, and 24 stacks of hp 50s

Rank B

This was the brick wall of synthesis

first make 150 mandrakes this will take ~33 stacks of bloody and base herbs and hp 50s

then make 134 hp stamina 50 potions, they come in sets of 2 so that's 67 successes
this will use ~15 stacks of hp50s and stamina 50s and that 45 stacks of holy water I told you to order in the “before you begin” section.

Rank A

First do the create weapon, and easy way of doing this is to synthesize 3 gathering knives together
which most of the time creates a cheap weapon, but a weapon nonetheless.
You'll use ~1400 gathering knives for this step, though odds of getting a weapon are higher than I allotted for so you may end up closer to 1000 gathering knives. There's a supply guard behind Andras who sells them for 80 gold apiece.
After this you should be at minimum 60% done with the rank.
After that synthesize any recipe formula until you can rank.
If the materials for clovers are very easy for you to get, you can do that, however I recommend holding onto them for next rank.
In my opinion the fastest way is attempting ~200 ice mines (1000 unknown ore and clay crystals, and 200 ice spear crystals). though you'll be able to finish off of any fixed recipe.

Rank 9

Start off making weapons again, once again recommends gathering knives, will need about the same amount
once your done with that you should be at least 50% done
you can finish up 2 ways, if getting braids, cheap leather straps and base herbs is very easy for you, you can finish off just making clovers. (56 of them)
You'll need ~1120 base herbs, 280 braids and 280 cheap leather straps if you use this method

If getting those is a little tougher for you, you can finish up by making 40 clovers instead
You'll need ~800 base herbs, 200 braids and 200 cheap leather straps for this method, however
this method requires you complete another ~14 points with whatever fixed recipe suits your fancy. (don't forget you get extra points for making herbs or potions for the recipe successes)

If you don't want to do clovers at all
you can also just make more herbs or potions, is slower and more expensive in my opinion but if it suits your fancy, go for it.
You'd need to attempt ~313 mandrakes (313 bloody and base herbs, and 313 hp50s)
or attempt ~313 sets of hp stamina 50s ( 313 hp 50s and stamina 50s, and 939 holy water >.>)

Rank 8

from this point it is pointless to give you estimates of stuff your going to use since you'll all you'll need is npc buy-able right next to you. So I'll just tell you the number of successes in each category you'll need and how to do it

I recommend making 25 successful clothing synthesizes then doing gathering knives (every time mixing 3 gathering knives results in another gathering knife, its of different than base stats) until you max out the two requirements there, your plain succeed synthesizing should more than make up for the rest of the points.

You can do the clothing successes easily by mixing 3 of the same type of clothing and synthing them. Popo's skirts are cheap and easy to get, though space consuming and low rate of giving a clothing article. I've noticed that the mongo's travelers' suit (male) while 4x as pricey, has a very high chance of giving a clothing article when three are synthed.

Rank 7

First perform 67 successful clothing synthesizes. Then finish by spamming gathering knives.

Rank 6

Once you get to r6 well done, now it starts getting harder and can be morew costly, once i remeber what i did i will post more

Edit #1: Credit goes to Ekaterin for thinking this up. For potion successes you can use the NPC buyable pots and often get potions as credit. I have not tested this personally but I am sure she is right. I am curious if Stam/hp 10 pots work as well. Would save alot of money for people.
EDIT #2: I forgot to add in there, this was all written before the Destiny system come out, So if you are using the Alchemy destiny you can half all these amounts

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Re: Synthesis Guide - Credit to Mabination

Post  Whimsguy on 31/07/13, 09:51 am

U mentioned that u are now R1 synth.  I have been stuck at R5 forever it seems.  do u have any suggestions on how to get 50K weapons? I was once told to use wands but I have had such nill luk with that advice. and the shields quota is pretty bogus at this point too....any insite or Tip would be GREATLY appreciated.

never mind this question...iv been doing it just apparently VERRRRRY unlucky with this.

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